Kerstin Nash


# MA 60012305


Kerstin Nash, LMT

# MA 60012305


Kerstin Nash is a Washington State Licensed Massage Therapist, Board Cerified Massage Therapist of Massage and Bodywork, and a member of the American Massage Therapist Association. After receiving her certification from the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy in 2007, an accredited, exceptional and comprehensive training institute in beautiful Samara Beach, Costa Rica, she returned to Washington State as a transfer graduate of the Alexandra School of Natural Therapeutics. Her continued studies include Orthopedic massage, Deep Tissue, Sports massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Kersin holds a BA in Marketing & Advertising, MSU.

Having a private practice since 2008, continued studies and pursuing her passion to teach enables her to further assist clients as a proficient holistic health care practitioner.

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