About Kerstin


Kerstin Nash gained her education and certification 

thru The Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy,

 an accredited, exceptional and comprehensive training institute in beautiful Samara Beach. After  transferring into WA thru Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics in 2008, Prior to returning to Orcas Island, Kerstin maintained a private practice in the East Cascade foothills for over a decade while continuing her education in Orthopedic Massage, Deep Tissue, MLD, and studies in Posture & Flexibility. Of recent years Kerstin has spent more time enjoying balancing her practice with the studies & understanding of the energetic body to assist in bringing the Mind/Body/Spirit connection into 

each session. Kerstin continues her studies every 

day to deepen her understanding of the 

human body & condition. 

She holds a BA from MSU. 


WA State licensed Massage Therapist, MA#600012305, Board Certified Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, Member American Massage Therapist Association, past WA Sports Massage Team

The Work

Kerstin caters to those who aspire to health and well being through the benefits of massage & bodywork. She works with the response of the bodies changing needs and assist in health and healing through awareness, intent, education and balance.

Her approach is integrative, honoring the needs of each client while assisting the bodies innate capacity to heal.